Get your Rainbow fix – Rainbow Cheese Toasties, Pancakes or Cakes in Singapore!

Rainbow Cheese Toasties Epicurious

1. Rainbow Cheese Toasties – Epicurious at the Quayside

The Buttertrade Team went down to Epicurious for a nice Sunday brunch and to catch the “rainbow” yesterday. We spotted the rainbow cheese toasties on almost every table! #thepowerofsocialmedia

This blackboard special was due to end yesterday (22th May) but the restaurant Manager mentioned that they will be running this promotion for at least another week so head down if you are interested to get your rainbow fix.

We liked the well-buttered bread but were not overly impressive with the rainbow cheese mix (a combination of vegetable puree, mozzarella, parmesan & truffle oil). The truffle taste is overwhelming and the cheese was only half-melted. It is certainly interesting to try this unique toast once but we will stick to eggs benny for our next visit. :)

2.Rainbow Pancakes – Nook Café and Bar

Nook's Rainbow Pancake v2 cake delivery singapore

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Nook is known for its DIY pancakes where you can unleash your creativity doodling with pancake batter. If Art and Craft really wasn’t your favourite subject in secondary school, we will then recommend you to order from the pancake selections from their menu like this aesthetically pleasing rainbow pancakes.

3. Rainbow Cakes- My Fat Lady & A Han Bakes

My Fat Lady Rainbow Cake Delivery Singapore

Rainbow cakes are one of the first trendsetters for #rainbowfood. We loved the good old rainbow sponge cake from My Fat Lady- Apting named happily together, the cake comprises of 6 layers of fluffy sponge in vibrant colours sandwiched with chocolate ganache. Order Happily Together rainbow cake here and get it delivered the next day.

A Han Rainbow Cake Delivery Singapore

If you can’t get enough of rainbows, we recommend the double rainbow cake from A Han Bakes. The double rainbow is made up of a 6-layer vanilla sponge on the inside, covered with rainbow coloured buttercream on the outside. Yes, one rainbow is simply not enough! Order your double rainbow cake today and get it delivered to your loved ones today!

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