Check out how long we queued for Honolulu Egg Tarts!

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The Buttertrade team thought that the Honolulu Café hype would have die down after almost a month of operation. We went exactly at the opening time (11am) on a weekday and there was already a queue of about 25 people?!?!

The tables were available but there was a bottleneck at the start of the queue as you need to place your order before you would be guided to your table.

Please note that the egg tarts are only available for dine in and capped at 3 tarts each. Yes, kids do add to the “headcount”! A couple queued in front of us with a child and the server mentioned that they were entitled to 9 egg tarts :)

We entered the shop after 30 minutes and waited in anticipation for our orders.

honolulu egg tarts cake delivery singapore

VERDICT: Well, the egg tarts were not bad but nothing spectacular to warrant the long queues.  We thought that Tong Heng egg tarts were better (yes, those unique diamond shape egg tarts). The pineapple buns with butter on the other hand were exceptional- the crumbly buttery taste was heavenly. So good that we might queue 30 minutes for those buns instead.

24 Birthday Egg tart cake delivery singapore

Image from Tart & Tart Bakery

Given the recent egg tart craze, we thought of an innovative birthday celebration idea. How about using a box of egg tarts for a birthday celebration instead? Seems like the cool people from Tart & Tart Bakery had the same idea. :)

If you are looking for something more “conventional” – check out our wide range of cakes (all-time favourites, novelty flavours, local flavours, vegan, halal, gluten-free and even a section for our furry friends) in today!

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