8 Curry Puff Stalls in Hawker Centers – Price starting from 1 buck!

1-tanglin-crispy-curry-puff 1-tanglin-crispy-curry-puff
1. Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff – Hong Lim Food Centre

This popular stall is always crowded during lunch hour but the queue moves quickly and you can get your piping hot curry puffs in no time. This puff lives up to the stall name – the crust is very crispy but the fillings require a little more flavour.

Price of curry puff= $1.5

2. Xi De Li – Hong Lim Food Centre

This vegetarian curry puff packed a lot of spices in its potato fillings. It makes a great snack for your meat free day.

Price of curry puff= $1.2

3. Katong Chicken Curry-Puffs – Marine Parade Central Market & Food Centre

We love the buttery crust and the spicy, moist fillings! The only missing element to make it the perfect curry puff is a slice of hard-boiled egg!

Price of curry puff= $1.3

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4. Deli Snack – 85 Fengshan Market and Food Centre

We know that this food centre is famous for bar chor mee and not curry puff but we discovered this fantastic vegetarian puff filled with potato chunks at just 1 buck! It is good to know that we can still get a good puff with a golden coin.

Price of curry puff= $1

5. Ho Ho Delicacies – Albert Centre Market and Food Centre

Another puff with generous portion of potatoes. A good choice for carb lovers.

Price of curry puff= $1.4

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6. My Genie – Old Airport Road Food Centre

We love the spicy chicken/potato fillings complete with a slice of hard-boiled egg. Too bad about the limply crust. :(

Price of curry puff= $1.3

7. Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff – Old Airport Road Food Centre

The flakey buttery crust is already a winner by itself and  just look at that big piece of chicken thigh in the fillings. Do we need to say more? This is one puff that is impossible to just stop at one.

Price of curry puff= $1.3

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8. Rolina – Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre

Best things come in small packages and this is exactly how we will describe Rolina’s curry puffs. The puffs are slightly smaller than usual but each of them contained a robust mix of chicken, potato and yes, that critical slice of hard-boiled egg. :)

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