Interview with InTheBrickYard team.

December 19, 2016 0

These days, we have been seeing small boutique bakeries springing up in the different corners of Singapore. Many of them were started by aspiring bakers who bring new ideas or new recipes and wish to […]

Going Big on Passion!

December 17, 2016 0

Café owners might want to pay attention to this. Natasha started her wholesale ice-cream business in Singapore in 2012. Back then, she was a magazine journalist who decided to pursue her interest in ice-cream and […]

Bo Bo Cha Cha Cake? 3 Cakes Inspired by Local Desserts

December 16, 2016 0

The Buttertrade Team loves how bakers are getting so creative nowadays, turning some of Singaporeans well-loved traditional desserts into these delicious cakes. 1. Bo Bo Cha Cha (BBCC) Cake – Order here Image from Outofthecakebox The […]

Go Local with our Cakes

December 15, 2016 0

Don’t we love all things local? Think salted egg anything, curry puff cushion, tu tu kueh eraser and many many more. Now, why not also indulge in these creative cakes which are infused with local […]

7 Cakes So Good That You Do a Double Take

December 13, 2016 0

Occasionally in life, you would see something that is so attractive, that it made you turn your head. It could be a luxurious Lamborghini, a rare scenery or even a handsome/beautiful guy/girl. That’s exactly the […]

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